Longlevens News Letter Feb 21


Hello February!

We are starting to see the warmer weather creeping back! Recently out about on walks I have started to see lots of signs of spring! 

When you are out on your walks can you see any signs of spring? If you can we would love to see what you have found. Could you take a picture and upload to tapestry for us. It would be lovely to create a signs of spring display in nursery.

The weather is still unpredictable at present though so thank you to all who have remembered to drop off hats, coats, gloves, welly boots. It means that your child can be outside learning and getting fresh air!

Why Outdoor Learning is important?

Outdoor learning in early years settings is important because it:

supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles;
offers children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement;
promotes a sense of confidence and well-being;
provides opportunities for developing harmonious relationships with others, through negotiation,
taking turns and cooperation;
supports those children who learn best through activity or movement;
provides safe and supervised opportunities for children to experience new challenges, assess risk
and develop the skills to manage difficult situations;
supports children’s developing creativity and problem-solving skills;
provides rich opportunities for imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness;
gives children contact with the natural world and offers them unique experiences, such as direct contact with the weather and seasons.

Virus's transmit less outside due to more space and increased fresh air.

Tapestry and safeguarding .

Due to our covid restrictions and systems of control in  nursery parents are still not able to come into nursery. We are asking parents to please communicate through your tapestry accounts to your child's key person and they will get back to you. If you need to speak to anyone please just call us.

It is important that we are still logging children's accidents at nursery and children's accidents that may occur at home. We have a legal duty to safeguard children.

If your child has an accident at home please make sure you pop it on tapestry in the observations section. If your child also requires antibiotics after 24 hours we can administer it here, as long as it has the prescription label and dosage on. We can not administer medication that has not been prescribed to the child unless its calpol or antihistamine. Please also upload on tapestry when the child's last dose was so we do not give the second dose to early.

We have been having lots of fun over January following the children's interests to inspire their learning!

In our baby bungalow we have been following the children's interests and they have been cooking pizza's, playing in the tuff tray with dinosaurs, making marks in shaving foam, and singing lots of songs and rhymes.

Our 2-3's children have been busy exploring the garden, digging in the soil, filling and emptying containers, making pizzas and exploring teeth after a child had a visit to the dentist.

Our Preschool have been investigating creatures  from under the sea and creating some beautiful displays. They have also shown a interest in princesses and prince's which led to a dressing up day and lots of roleplay.

Up and coming events!

February - Through out February we will be talking about love and kindness for valentines day.

February 12th - We will be celebrating Chinese New Year! This year it is the Year of the ox. On this day you can come to nursery dressed in Chinese clothes or dress in red. 

February 16th - We will be celebrating pancake Day!

February the 19th - We will be celebrating Love Your Pet Day!

Through March we will be celebrating Mothers day

March 1st - We will be celebrating 'Saint David's Day.'

March 4th - We will be celebrating World book day! Come to nursery dressed as your favorite character from a story.

March 17th - We will be celebrating 'Sant Patrick's Day'

March 19th - We will be celebrating 'Red nose day.' Letters to follow.

March 29th - We will be celebrating the' Hindu festival of color.'

March 30th - We will be celebrating the birthday of 'Van Gough.'

Nursery Aims

As a whole nursery we will be concentrating on developing the children's speech and language skills. You can also help you child develop thier communication skills at home.

Below are is a  useful site with some great tips.

Items coming in and out of nursery.

At present we are still asking parents to minimise toys coming into nursery. Children can of course bring comforters and soothers but please keep dolls and dinosaurs at home to reduce the risk of covid -19.

We are also seeing an increasing number of pushchairs being left at nursery. Please can we ask that you only leave your pushchair if you really need to . I.e. someone else is collecting your child. We do not have a lot of space unfortunately and they can cause a health and safety risk. We will be looking into a buggy drop in the future so hopefully we will be able to accommodate more in the future.BikeBallEating pizzaIMG 2683

Apologies for the inconvenience with our phone lines this week. We are hoping the engineer will be able to fix the problem on Thursday .

Until then please either call the nursery mobile 07768472517 or email [email protected] or message on tapestry.Pushchair

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