Longlevens November news Letter


IMG 0055IMG 2412IMG 2783IMG 8274IMG 0002IMG 1953Where is the year going! 

Our staff and children are excitedly gearing up to Christmas! Yes its November but this year we feel its important to start the Christmas magic early.

This year unfortunately Santa will not be able to come into nursery, but he has asked the staff here if they could help him give out presents to all the children on the good list. Of course the Crazy staff here jumped at the chance of dressing up as Santa and his Elf's, and are more than willing to help Santa. (They are all hoping to be on the good list too :))

Your children are also very busy creating some special homemade items for you, these may be given out early this year to make sure they all get home to you so no peeping until Christmas Day.

They will also still be enjoying Christmas baking, Arts and Crafts, singing, Puppets shows from the staff. The preschool children are also busy learning their Christmas Carols and  will be producing a mini Carol concert for us all to enjoy! this will be filmed and either emailed or uploaded to tapestry for you.


Rebecca Northway has now brought back the photo cards with your individual  passwords to access online.

These have been uploaded onto your tapestry accounts. If you do not receive one please let us know.

Even though it was a bit different this year, we think the natural shots of the children playing look Fantastic! Its going to be hard to choose. A huge Thank you to Rebecca for adapting during this pandemic and producing these beautiful pictures. 

Staff Changes

Laura from our preschool will be leaving to start her maternity leave soon. Her last day will be 22nd December the day we break up for Christmas break.

In January we will welcome back Kate Robins and Emily Pinnock  to our preschool part time.

Children's Development

Staff now have a good understanding of where their key children are in the seven Areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage, so are busy creating reports for you , which will detail next steps to help their development.

Within the seven areas of development their are three prime areas the we focus on the most.

These are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Communication and Language

Physical development.

These are the areas we concentrate on the most as without children being secure in these three areas they can not move on to learn in the other four areas .

Within the areas your child will given a Emerging, Developing or secure assessment.

Emerging means you child is starting to do it,

Developing means you child does it sometimes,

Secure means that your child is doing it consistently.

From these statements your Childs key person will produce next steps for your child to develop them further in that area. Children develop securely if parents are also doing this at home and we are all working together consistently. These are always fun activities as children learn best through play and exploration.

If you wish to discuss anything on your child's report we can arrange a time for your child's key person to contact you by phone .

Below is a link for further reading about the EYFS.



Christmas Closing.

Just a reminder that fees are worked out on 51 weeks of the year so you do not pay for the 5 working days  we are closed over Christmas.

This year we close on Wednesday 23rd December and reopen Monday 4th January 2021.

23rd Closed

24th Closed

25th Christmas day

28th Bank holiday

29th Closed

30th Closed 

31st Closed

1ST Jan - Bank Holiday

4th Jan - open.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and hope 2021 brings us happiness.

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