Update 18th May 2020


Dear parents and carers,

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch and for all your messages of support.

After careful consideration, we have decided on a phased reopening from 1st June, in line with primary schools. Government guidance asks us to prioritise key worker children and those children transitioning to school this September and we will therefore be opening for key worker children and all children in our preschool group from 1st June.

We would like to welcome our younger age groups back in stages and will also be opening from 1st June for our 1-2 year olds. This age group are located on a separate floor to the preschool in Quedgeley and in separate buildings in Barnwood and Longlevens, with separate outdoor play areas.

This phased reopening will allow us to adjust to our new way of operating as smoothly as possible. Our priority is the safety of the children and staff and ensuring that the children have as much fun and enjoyment as they have always had at Chestnuts.

From 1st July, we will reopen for the remaining two age groups.

We understand that some people are apprehensive and we have been talking to many of you over the past week. We will be making contact with all parents and carers of children returning on 1st June shortly.

We also realise that a delay in reopening for another month for our babies and 2-3 year olds will place many of you in a difficult position with regards to your own work and lack of childcare. We ask that if you are in a particularly difficult situation that you contact us by email and we will do our best to help.

We are working hard to prepare the nurseries for the practicalities of reopening and I know that the staff are all looking forward to seeing the children again.

Best wishes


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