Update 1st June 2020


Good morning

What a lovely morning to reopen the doors of the nurseries. It has been lovely to see how excited so many of the children were to come back and for the rest of us, it already feels like we've never been away!!! I was at the Barnwood nursery, but understand that everything ran smoothly at the other nurseries. The children here at Barnwood are having a lovely time and seem genuinely pleased to see the staff and each other.

We will try and be as flexible as we can with any changes, but the staffing and the bubbles have all been sorted now so we may not be able to make any changes until July. The managers will shortly be getting in touch with all of those due to return in July. Could any questions or queries now be directed to the nursery managers at their emails

Quedgeley- [email protected]

Longlevens- [email protected]

Barnwood- [email protected]

Unless related to fees, then to [email protected]

If you decide that you do not want your child to return to nursery in July or August, we will be charging 25% of your monthly fee as a retainer in order to secure your child's place. From September fees will be charged in full. Unlike schools, who are publicly funded and are paid regardless of how many children attend, we rely on private contributions made by parents. We have had to cover the cost of 40% of staff wages, whilst we have been shut as well as continuing to pay our regular bills. Many nurseries have charged retainers whilst they were shut, so we hope you can understand why these decisions have been made.

I attach the Covid 19 Risk Assessment and the Illness policy that has been updated in line with government guidance.

Welcome back to all of you and we look forward to seeing you all soon


Covid 19 Risk assessment

Illness Policy

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