Update 28th April


Hello everyone,

Bit of a shock to the system this morning, waking up to pouring rain!! We have been so lucky with the weather and I fear tempers in my household could start to fray as we enter the sixth week of lockdown and the promise of a week of rain!! 

I have been so touched by e-mails of support from parents. As you may have heard, the government made a last minute u turn regarding the furloughing of nursery staff and we were informed we could not furlough all of our staff due to the funding we receive. Several parents contacted me to say that they would be happy to pay a retainer in order to help keep the nursery afloat, which is so kind. Liz and I have done our sums!! and with the staff we have been able to furlough, the government funding and our own reserves, we will be able to stay afloat for the coming months, but its so nice to know that parents are there to support us if we need it.

The girls have been putting some lovely posts on out Instagram and Facebook pages- so check them out if you have time.

Before this all happened, we were in the process of reviewing the fee increase in April for the funded children. We have decided to review this in September, so if we return before this all funded children will remain on the same fees.

As to when that will be? Your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully, this week, the government will give us an idea of timescales as we all miss you all very much.

Stay safe.


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