Update 6th August 2020



I do hope you are all well and settling into what is our new normal life. I am sure you, like me, were outraged to read the story in the local press yesterday about a child that was sent to a local nursery after having a Covid 19 test. The test came back positive and consequently the nursey had to shut for a deep clean and all those who had had contact with the child and their families now have to self-isolate for 14 days. It is a timely reminder that we all need to be in this together and one selfish act can have a huge impact on others. I appreciate the pressures of being a working parent or carer, and confess there were times, when my children were small, that I sent them in to nursery or school when they probably should have had a day at home, but in these difficult times we need to be vigilant and cannot be complacent. We are fast approaching back to school and the autumn season, which is always notorious for coughs, colds and different things going around. If your child now has a temperature at nursery, we can’t just give them a dose of Calpol, they will need to go home and cannot come back to nursery until they have a negative Covid 19 test or have self-isolated for 10 days (with the rest of the family self-isolating for 14 days). It would be much better for all of us if we can keep as many infections as possible out of the nursery. So I urge that if your child is poorly in anyway, please do not send them in to nursery. If your child does need to have a Covid 19 test, could you ensure that you inform us of the date of the test and the outcome. We would really appreciate your support with this in the coming months.

On a much brighter note, in August, we are glad to welcome back almost all our staff from the Job Retention Scheme. We feel really grateful we are able to do this and are looking forward to getting back to usual opening hours in September. The government published some more guidance for early years settings last week and I have summarised the main points in a document that I attach.

I hope you all enjoy what is left of the summer and we look forward to welcoming all children back in September.

Kind regards


Gov guidance 27 july

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