Update August 21


Dear Parents and Guardians

I have updated our Covid 19 risk assessments in line with the latest government guidelines and attach a copy.

We have decided to keep a lot of our infection control measures in place as Public Health have informed us that there is an increase in the amount of children suffering from coughs, fevers, sore throats etc, not caused by Covid 19. I have also uploaded a letter from Public Health with further information on this.

I know we have been sending lots of children home and asking them to get a PCR tests and, unfortunately, the guidelines on this have not changed. If your child has a cough or a temperature, they need to be sent home and have a PCR test. I know how frustrating this is, so I am sorry. We will be able to take into account, however, if a child has had a vaccination that may have caused a temperature.

The other big change is that from Monday 16th August, children will not have to isolate, even if they have been identified as a close contact with somebody who has tested positive for Covid 19. The NHS Track and Trace now identify and contact anyone who is a close contact, and this is no longer our responsibility.

It has been a difficult year and I would like to thank all of the staff for making the nurseries so welcoming and fun for all the children, despite all the challenges we have had to encounter.

Kind regards


Public Health letter to parents

August 21 Risk Assessment

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