Update -November 5th 2020


Hello all,

So here we go again, the second lockdown of 2020. Though the good news is - all the nurseries will remain open and continue as usual. We will update you if we receive anymore guidelines.

I have spoken to many of you over the last couple of weeks about an issue that I knew was going to cause a problem- sending children home with Covid 19 symptoms, most usually a high temperature or cough. I totally understand your frustration over this. For the last 17 years, we have frequently been calling parents to ask if we can give their child a dose of Calpol as they are running a temperature. Until now, these temperatures were caused by many different things, but never Covid 19. Now, if your child is running a temperature, we have to ask you to collect them and inform you that they cannot return to nursery until they have self isolated for 14 days or have a negative test result and I know what a pressure this is putting on families. There is conflicting advise on NHS websites as to what constitutes a high temperature. I met with the managers yesterday and we have decided to amend our Absence Guidance so that a child will be required to go home when their temperature reaches 38 degrees instead of 37.8 degrees. If your child's temperature is in the high 37s,  wherever possible we will give you a call and give you the opportunity to come and collect them before their temperature gets to 38 degrees. We will advise that if the child's temperature remains high, they should stay off nursery and a test should be organised. This will, hopefully mean that less children are being tested unnecessarily, whilst we are still adhering to the guidelines- I have attached the new Absence Guidance.

On a brighter note, although I think we all realise that Christmas will be different this year, the girls are all working hard on coming up with imaginative ways to bring the christmas magic to all the children at Chestnuts. Although Santa will not be able to pop in, the nursery elves will be helping him to deliver presents and lots of other exciting activities are being planned across the nurseries.

Liz and I would like to thank everyone for their on going support and for bearing with us, as we endeavour to overcome the challenges that 2020 has brought. I hope you all survive the next 4 weeks and that there will soon be some light at the end of the tunnel!! Any queries, you can always contact me directly at [email protected]

Take care


Absence Guidance Nov 2020

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